August 2nd-5th, 2020

London Jewish Meditation Retreat

with Rabbis Jeff Roth, Joanna Katz & HaMakom Staff

at On Zoom-London Time

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A Four-Day Jewish Meditation Retreat

Presented by Hamakom and The Awakened Heart Project

with Rabbis Jeff Roth, Joanna Katz and Hamakom Staff

Online using Zoom

August 2nd – 5th, 2020

Schedule is based on London time


For more information and To Register visit the HaMakom Webpage

We are living in a unique period of history when all our routines are different – a situation which can be used for growth, or could result in fear and confusion.

A Jewish meditation practice can give you the tools you need to open up your heart/mind – bringing wisdom, and cultivating the qualities of compassion and kindness to this period we are living in, and to each moment as it is now, and with what will come. Learning to pay sustained loving attention to your own experience, and the feelings arising in the present moment is the key.

Join us for a four-day Jewish meditation retreat online with Zoom. The Awakened Heart Project has done a number of online retreats the past three months and the online-while-at-home experience was both lovely and effective.

This retreat is designed to show experientially how a regular Jewish meditation practice can help cultivate awareness in all aspects of daily life. Being at home will provide an opportunity to integrate the practice experience with life at home, creating a model for using contemplative practice to remind us of the possibility of bringing our awareness to every moment of our lives.

We will have a full day schedule, which we found to be valuable in sustaining and deepening the practice. Participants will have the opportunity to enhance their skills in a range of meditative techniques. These include concentration techniques, contemplative prayer chants, mindfulness/heartfulness meditation, the path of blessing, and practices that cultivate joy. Together, all our practices also can open us to a sense of the Divine Presence in all that Is.

The teachers will be offering the opportunity to experience practices which thousands of people have found transformative and life enhancing. Learn practices that result in greater clarity and wisdom, open the heart of compassion and lead to greater happiness.

Registration will be handled by Hamakom in London.

If you have questions, please email Rabbi Jeff Roth, ( info (at) awakenedheartproject (dot) org


To Register, visit the HaMakom Webpage




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