July 8th-14th, 2019

Jewish Meditation as a Path to Realizing the Truth of Divine Immanence

with Rabbi Jeff Roth

at Stony Point, NY

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Jeff will be teaching a class at Ruach Ha’Artz in Stony Point, NY

July 8th – 14th, 2019 


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I am excited to be part of the team of wonderful presenters at a special retreat opportunity this summer called Ruach Ha’Aretz (Spirit of the Land),  a biannual retreat, which this year is on the east coast in Stony Point NY.  I’ll be teaching a class called Jewish Meditation as a Path to Realizing the Truth of Divine Immanence. 

The approach to the practice of Jewish meditation to be shared in this course can be seen as a practice of Devekut (the direct experience of non-separation from Divinity) where the truth of the way things are in the present moment of experience is met with loving attention. These moments of meaning can be revelatory as well as heart opening. This practice can help us align to the Divine nature of the universe (which I now call the Blossoming of Being). In this alignment a glimpse of the non-dual can be realized bringing with it less sense of separation between me and other. This has a powerful impact on the world because when we are aligned with the truth of interbeing we act accordingly i.e. with lovingkindness towards all Beings including the Earth Herself.

In this class we will combine didactic presentations with meditation instructions and silent practice. We will learn a variety of meditative techniques that foster a sense of connectedness. Individual session with Rabbi Roth outside of class will allow you to discuss how to personalize the practice to your particular life needs.

There are many other exciting classes each morning and afternoon besides the one I will teach, so take a look for yourself.  For lots more information:

visit the Ruach Ha’Aretz Webpage




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