June 8 to 14, 2020

2020 Week-Long Jewish Meditation Retreat

with Rabbi Jeff Roth, Ruth Jacobson, Ariel Sholklapper

at Prama Institute near Asheville, NC

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A Week-Long Jewish Meditation Retreat

June 8th to 14th, 2020

with Rabbi Jeff Roth, Ruth Jacobson and Rabbi Ariel Sholklapper

At the Prama Institute outside of Asheville, NC

Join us for a six-night Jewish meditation retreat in Asheville. There are many benefits to an extended period of retreat practice, which makes this opportunity a unique one in the Jewish World. Rabbi Jeff Roth will be offering the opportunity to experience practices which thousands of people have found transformative and life enhancing. Learn practices that result in greater clarity and wisdom, open the heart of compassion and lead to greater happiness.

Participants will enhance their skills in a range of meditative techniques. These include concentration techniques, contemplative prayer chants, mindfulness meditation, the path of blessing, yoga, walking and eating meditation and practices that cultivate joy.

This retreat is designed to show experientially how a regular Jewish meditation practice can help cultivate awareness in all aspects of daily life. The program will present a model for using contemplative practice to reminds us of the possibility of bringing our awareness to a meeting of the Divine Presence in every moment.

Structure of the Retreats

The retreat is conducted in social silence which means refraining from conversation with other participants at all times. There will be group times for questions and answers. The teachers will provide instructions for all practices as well as present relevant didactic material. The silence of these retreats allows for a settling of the mind as well as an in depth look at ones experience of life in each moment. In meeting the present moment, the opportunity to meet the Divine Presence manifests.

Registration Information

Fees for the retreat cover room and board only. The teachings are offered freely. We will welcome donations to support the teacher and the administrative costs of this website and the Awakened Heart Project. We hope you will support this model of charging only the actual costs to participants, as this allows us to offer these retreats regardless of ability to pay the full cost.

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Financial support is available through The Awakened Heart Project.

Contact (Jeff@awakenedheartproject.org) Jeff (at) awakenedheartproject (dot) org with requests for aid or with other questions.

The retreat will be held at the Prama Institute, 310 Panhandle Road, Marshall, NC 28753 (http://www.pramainstitute.org). All meals are vegetarian. Space limited to 24 people.

The Prama Institute is a conference and retreat center located on forested hilltops and grasslands surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains. It sits near the French Broad River, about 25 minutes outside Asheville, NC. The scenic and peaceful surroundings create a perfect place for our retreat. There is a beautiful facility, lovely rooms for meditation and dining. Even the bunks rooms are nice, with custom-built bunk beds.

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Room & board costs

Costs for room and board for the six nights are:

Tent or Commuter — $490

Quad Occupancy — $640

Double Occupancy – Main Building — $850

Single Occupancy – Main Building — $1200

Double Occupancy (private bath) – Wellness Center (a short mile from the main building) — $1050

Single Occupancy with private bath at the Wellness Center — $1380

Doubles and singles are very limited!

Faculty Biographies

Rabbi Jeff Roth is the founder and Director of The Awakened Heart Project for Contemplative Judaism. He was the co-founder of Elat Chayyim where he served as Executive Director and Spiritual Director for 13 years. Currently on the faculty of Jewish Mindfulness Teacher Training program, he is an experienced meditation teacher and the facilitator of over 160 Jewish meditation retreats.

Ruth Jacobson, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner, and yoga teacher in private practice. Her personal and professional focus has been on bringing loving presence to everyday life. In particular, Ruth work includes relating to the body as teacher, and learning to live with an open heart.  She draws from a variety of spiritual and psychological sources, while finding her spiritual home in Judaism.

Rav Ariel is a mindfulness practitioner who got his start under the guidance of Rabbis Jeff Roth, James Jacobson Maisels, and Joanna Katz in 2011. Since then he has attended, managed, and facilitated retreats and mindfulness meditation groups all over the world. He earned a degree in philosophy and Jewish studies at UCLA, was ordained at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, and holds an MBA in nonprofit management. Rav Ariel’s passion is in helping people of all walks of life to live with vigor and personal, spiritual awareness through mindfulness and Jewish living.

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