Jewish Meditation Practice Instructions

Rabbi Joanna Katz Sitting Meditation Instruction (2)

Joanna offers instruction on how to settle in the body with wholesome intention, and allow yourself to rest in the space that you are in.  She suggests bringing curiosity to the experience that is occurring in each moment of practice – opening up to who and what we are.

Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg Walking Meditation Instructions

Sheila teaches about the importance of a focused attention during walking practice.  She gives detailed instructions, reflecting on the connection to Jewish contemplative practice.

Rabbi Joanna Katz Sitting Meditation Instructions

Joanna teaches us the practice of sitting meditation.  She weaves the practice of developing gratitude into our sitting practice.  She discusses the development of intention, or kavanah, for practice.

Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg Meditation Instructions

Sheila teaches the practice of meditation, focusing on awareness of the body, and bringing in the widen concepts of Jewish meditation.

Rabbi Jeff Roth Meditation Instructions: Paying Attention to Moods and Mind States

Jeff gives instructions related to paying attention to the Third Foundation of mindfulness: moods and mind states. He expresses the importance of the awareness both is sitting practice and in everyday life. A focus is on whether a particular mood is currently present or, just as importantly, whether it is absent. This helps us know how each mind state arises, how they are manifesting in the present moment, and how to work with them skillfully.

Rabbi Alan Lew z Softening the Breath

This 14 minute talk is rich with instructions about bringing mindfulness to each part of the breath, the sensations arising in the body and the sounds arising in your awareness. Recorded at the Elat Chayyim Advanced Meditation Program during the summer of 2007, these instructions are a wonderful way to re-energize your mindfulness or meditation practice. Read more…

Rabbi Jeff Roth Introduction to Contemplative Jewish Prayer

A thirteen minute introduction to contemplative Jewish prayer. This talk by Rabbi Jeff Roth includes practice instructions on how to work with the interface of mindfulness, concentration and prayer.

Sylvia Boorstein Understanding the Practice

In this talk given in March of 2006 at Discovering the Divine: a week-long Jewish meditation retreat, Sylvia Boorestein speaks of the merits of a meditation practice and the ways that this practice improves the quality of our relationships and our lives.