Rabbi Alan Lew z Five Steps for Spiritual Transformation

In this Jewish meditation talk given at the Elat Chayyim Advanced Meditation Program, Rabbi Alan Lew speaks of patterns observed in the Torah that reveal the essential experienced ingredients for spiritual transformation.

This is the moment of leave-taking that life and meditation pushes us to. The moment when we realize that we just can’t go on the way we’ve been going, when we feel we have to do something and we have no idea what to do or even how to endure the next moment. And this according to the Torah is what we should do:

  1. Stop running around in a panic, trying to run away from phantom stories that we’ve been telling ourselves.
  2. Be with the moment, fearful or not.
  3. See what is really there.
  4. Feeling the calm from seeing the truth.
  5. Take the next inevitable action which rises of its own accord, out of the stillness.


2 Responses to “Five Steps for Spiritual Transformation”

  1. asher Says:

    this is not the torah I learnt…
    your teachings: good, helpful, simple, and effective.
    not what I learnt.

  2. Jean Benabou Says:

    Rabbi Lew,
    thank you for such a rich discussion…..
    It really spoke to me in regard to many personal issues (I could write five pages, but will spare you:))
    My mind had difficulty absorbing what was said (rather it refused to absorb what was said), but I listened to this Pod cast many times as it is incredibly relevant to the path of my life….
    I am glad you are out there for me to listen to.
    Thank you for such insightful words.