Rabbis Jeff Roth, Joanna Katz, Sheila Weinberg & Jordan Bendat-Appell Closing our Week

The Sheila and Joanna begin by continuing the discussion of returning home, focusing on how you talk about your experience on retreat with the people in your lives.  Jordon discusses dedication to the practice now that we are home again, and the impact on us and on the people in our lives.  Sheila then answers the question, what do I say on the phone before I arrive home.

Sheila then shifts to a discussion of the curriculum.  Then Jordan answers the question, “is there a bridge, a middle ground between this formal practice and our daily lives”.  Joanna and Sheila continue answering this question, focusing on the resources available to support your practice.

Teaches also discuss working with mentors.  They discuss how the curriculum instructs you on maintaining your practice.  The teachers make suggestions regarding sustain your practice.  Jordan closes with a Traveler’s Prayer.


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