Jewish Contemplative Chants

Rabbi Jeff Roth Havdallah

Jeff leads us in a warm, inclusive havdallah service, using chant and developing meaning.

Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg Ana B’koach: Moving into Shabbat

Sheila discusses the meaning, the value, and the importance of Ana B’koach a prayer often said as we move into Shabbat. It is especially resonate during the counting of the Omer. She wrote an English version, which she shares with us. In the chanting of Ana B’koach, we ask for deep acceptance and the support that allows us to be with whatever is arising in our lives. Shabbat is the practice of: this is like this.

Rabbi Jeff Roth Morning Service – Chants Only

Jeff leads us in a morning service with only chants. No kavanot, or instructions, or other words.

Rabbis Jeff Roth, Joanna Katz, Sheila Weinberg & Jordan Bendat-Appell Morning Service

This is a full morning service. It begins with Jeff presenting an introduction to this style of davvening. Many of the prayers/chants are introduced with kavanot. A valuable recording.

Rabbi Jeff Roth My Soul Yearns for Love

Every human act is either an expression or a request for love. This line from Yedid Nefesh, which Jeff Roth translates as my soul yearns for your love, please God, heal her is introduced with the kavanah (intention) that we may really feel both the yearning to give and express love as well as the longing to receive love. Read more…

Rabbi Jeff Roth Complete Contemplative Morning Prayer Service

Accompanied by acoustic guitar, introductory kavahnot (intentions) and pauses for meditation, this 47 minute recording provides a full experience of contemplative Jewish chanting. The service, led by Sylvia Boorstein and Rabbi Jeff Roth at the March 2006, Discovering the Divine retreat includes Modeh Ani, Ma Tovu, Elohai Neshama, Kol HaNeshama, Or Chadash and the Shema.

Rabbi Jeff Roth Introduction to Contemplative Jewish Prayer

A thirteen minute introduction to contemplative Jewish prayer. This talk by Rabbi Jeff Roth includes practice instructions on how to work with the interface of mindfulness, concentration and prayer.