Me, Myself & God

my-myself-godLove is the true nature of the Divine Unfolding of Being. It is that Unfolding of Being which is “I Am.” You are that as well. Our love for each other is who we are when we are not scared and confused and cut off and shut down. This is the message that I hope you will take away from our exploration.

– “Me, Myself & God”, the newly released book from Rabbi Jeff Roth



Me, Myself & God

The Awakened Heart Project is happy to offer copies of Rabbi Jeff Roth's newly released book, "Me, Myself and God," on a donation basis.

The cost to us is $12.00 per book. We ask for a donation to help cover that cost. If that amount is a burden to you, please donate what you can. Any amount above our cost will enable us to offer the book for less.

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Many of our human existential struggles stem from the sense of disconnection, alienation and loneliness that comes from a fragmented view of reality. The typical concept of “self” creates a sense of isolation from other beings, leaving us feeling lost and hopeless. But the practice of mindfulness, combined with the teachings of Torah, offer a direct path to liberate ourselves from alienation, awaken to the truth of the present moment and create a new relationship with God.

Rabbi Jeff Roth is the founder and Director of The Awakened Heart Project for Contemplative Judaism. He is the co-leader of the Jewish Mindfulness Teacher Training program. He has also facilitated over 190 Jewish meditation retreats.

“A theology of mindfulness is unique! Practitioners who have found that mindfulness has deepened their religious sensibilities will rejoice to find the God-language that resonates with their experiences of freedom and compassion.”

Sylvia Boorstein, author, That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Buddhist

“A truly inspiring work of theology, radically grounded in experience, not doctrine and dogma…..This excited, exciting and revelatory book is a must for the reader seeking direct access to Torah for our time.”

Norman Fischer, author, What Is Zen? Plain Talk for a Beginner’s Mind