March 17-23, 2013

Jewish Meditation in Israel

with Rabbis Jeff Roth & James-Jacobson Maisels

at Kibbutz Hannaton – Lower Galilee in Israel

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A Six-Night Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

Sponsored by The Awakened Heart Project and The Hannaton Education Center

Join us for an opportunity in contemplative practice, which helps to cultivate an open heart, leads to clarity and insight and inspires us to deeply participate in the injunction to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. One of the principle obstacles to that love is a failing to deeply look into our own human nature. We frequently live in reactive mode deeply conditioned to certain beliefs and opinions. This can result in a contraction of the heart, defensiveness and a preoccupation with our smallest selfish needs, which may lead us to act unwisely and unkindly to those around us. But it is possible to develop mindful awareness, an increasing clarity and inner freedom that allows us to see the Divine Presence that manifests as the interconnected nature of all things and that opens the heart of compassion. This six night meditation retreat will give you the tools and the time to delve inward and cultivate these qualities.

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Using the vehicle of silence, mindfulness and a variety of Jewish meditation approaches this retreat will help you to look deeply into life. The retreat also includes daily periods of prayer, chant and meditative movement. Prayer sessions will be jointly led by the teaching staff. The form of prayer consists of chanting excerpts from the liturgy interspersed with silence. Those who follow traditional rules for davvening can pray separately to fulfill their obligations. Daily instruction in meditation will help guide both beginning and advanced practitioners into the sacred space of the retreat process. Throughout the retreat we will maintain social silence. There will also be times for questions and answers, as well as small group and private interviews with the instructors. The week will include a deep celebration of Shabbat, followed by a chance to hear of each other’s experience as the retreat comes to a close.

The costs of the retreat include room and board and an administrative fee to cover other retreat costs. The teachings are offered freely and the teaching staff is not paid. Participants will be asked to make a voluntary contribution to support the teachers. Some financial aid is available.

Requests for financial aid should be made to Rabbi Roth at

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Costs for room and board are:
Single room — 2490 NIS or $650
Double room — 1820 NIS or $475
Quadruple room — 1340 NIS or $350
Dorm room (6) — 960 NIS or $250

Space in single and double rooms is very limited – apply early. For those with credit cards, deposits can be made on line. Deposits by Israeli check should be made out to the Hannaton Educational Center, and sent to Hannaton Educational Center at:
Mobile Post Hamovil, Kibbutz Hannaton, 17960

A minimum deposit of 385 NIS ($100.00) is required to hold your place. Of this amount, 190 NIS ($50.00) is a non-refundable processing fee. For cancellations made before February 7, all deposits except the processing fee will be returned in full. One half of your total fees is due by Feb 7, 2013, and no refunds will be issued after that date.

Faculty Biographies

Rabbi James-Jacobson Maisels teaches Jewish thought, mysticism, spiritual practices and meditation at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. He is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Chicago in Jewish mysticism and has taught in a variety of settings in America and Israel on Judaism, Jewish mysticism and Jewish spiritual practices. He strives to integrate his study and practice and to help teach and live Judaism as a spiritual discipline.

Rabbi Jeff Roth is the founder and Director of The Awakened Heart Project for Contemplative Judaism. He has led over 95 meditation retreats over the last 17 years. He was the co-founder of Elat Chayyim where he served as Executive Director and Spiritual Director for 13 years. He is the author of Jewish Meditation Practices for Everyday Life. He lives with his family in the Hudson River Valley.


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