April 2nd, 2017

Book Talk in Chicago

with Rabbi Jeff Roth

at Chicago, IL

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Rabbi Jeff Roth  

will be with Orot: Center for New Jewish Learning

Sunday April 2nd


 For Location and Details:

Sunday Book Talk/Discussion


Jeff will lead a discussion about his new book, Me, Myself & God  on Sunday from 7:00 – 9:00 P.M.

Many of our human existential struggles stem from the sense of disconnection, alienation and loneliness that comes from a fragmented view of reality. Drawing on the insight and audacity of Jewish mystics, and rooted in a rich understanding of Torah, Rabbi Jeff Roth helps us overcome this sense of separation and reconnect with a more harmonious flow of life. He equips spiritual seekers of all faiths—or none—with powerful techniques rooted in Jewish mystical practices and mindfulness meditation.



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