Rabbi Jeff Roth Complete Contemplative Morning Prayer Service

Accompanied by acoustic guitar, introductory kavahnot (intentions) and pauses for meditation, this 47 minute recording provides a full experience of contemplative Jewish chanting. The service, led by Sylvia Boorstein and Rabbi Jeff Roth at the March 2006, Discovering the Divine retreat includes Modeh Ani, Ma Tovu, Elohai Neshama, Kol HaNeshama, Or Chadash and the Shema.


10 Responses to “Complete Contemplative Morning Prayer Service”

  1. Raul Ludmer Says:

    Beautiful prayers.I had no idea a jewish service could be this moving.I would like to attend your retreats.

  2. Rogério Palmeira,Brazil Says:

    Wonderful site and very useful resources for evryone of us interested k
    in living judaism

  3. martin Says:

    Very nice, thanks for sharing your website with the world.

  4. Van V Gignilliat Says:

    I found the morning service to be beautiful. Where can I get the words to the prayers that were sung? If you had them on your website to read along while listening to the chanting — it would be icing on the cake!

  5. rhoda-neshama waller Says:

    A wonderful service. I would like to make this a morning practice of my own, as to be able to share this with my community on a more regular basis. If the words to the chants — in Hebrew, in transliteration, and with English translation could be on the site for downloading, this would be helpful. L’shana tovah.

  6. Jampa Says:

    This is such a joy, thank you.

  7. Joan Kaplan Says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I live in Sarasota Florida and am connected with the Reconstructionist group here called Kol Haneshama.I have also been a student of a wonderful Buddhist teacher (Chogyam Trungpa Rimpoche), so I am familiar with the work of Sylvia Boorstein. I have been asked to learn a few chants, since I am a singer, and would specifically like to ask you at this time about the chant “Modeh Ani”. I can follow your words and melody just fine. I wonder if you might be able to help me find two things: 1) I would like to view these words in Hebrew 2) I would like to know the meaning of the individual words and the essence of what the chant means when put together. let me know if you can direct me.

    In the meantime, I invite you to visit my website (www.bodhicoach.com). I am gifted at working with people from all spiritual traditions.


    Joan Kaplan

  8. Deborah Says:

    These prayers are beautiful! Are the words and their meanings posted anywhere? Thanks!

  9. Daniel Schafler Says:

    The words of these prayers are all found in every regular Jewish prayer book if you know where to look..They are part of the daily morning service. If you write down the transliterated words, you can ask anyone who knows the Jewish Liturgy to find them for you in the prayer book. You can find these words in a Jewish Prayer book of any denomination; that is, reform, orthodox, conservative, reconstructionist or creative..I enjoyed it as well;Thank you for posting it…

  10. bruce lahr Says:

    I have listened to the morning service 3 times. Even enjoyed the coughing. If I have the words I will be able to more completely participate each morning as I play this (and hopefully these)