Sylvia Boorstein

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Sylvia Boorstein How to Feel That We Have Enough

The premise of an awakened mind is creating the kind of peace that people can have when they are content, regardless of circumstances. We cultivate a mind that focuses on the fact that life itself is happening, rather then on the myriad complex details that arise. This is taking the larger view: that everything is lawful, the unfolding of natural causes.

Sylvia Boorstein Morning Chants, day two (part one)

The first part of a morning chant service from the March 2006, Discovering the Divine retreat, Sylvia Boorstein introduces Modeh Ani, speaking of the power unleashed by gratitude.

Sylvia Boorstein Understanding the Practice

In this talk given in March of 2006 at Discovering the Divine: a week-long Jewish meditation retreat, Sylvia Boorestein speaks of the merits of a meditation practice and the ways that this practice improves the quality of our relationships and our lives.