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Norman Fischer Nothing is the Most Important Thing of All

Our purpose is to immerse ourselves in nothing, to do nothing, and to be nothing. But nothing is the most important thing of all.
What God is, is not our concepts of God. We understand that which is useful in life. We don’t understand the ultimate importance of the useless function of God; the nothing function of God. It’s our connection to God, to this endlessness, this nothingness, to this which we cannot understand, we cannot grasp, we do not know. Our connection to this which is characterized by love, and complete and profound acceptance.

Norman Fischer How We Read Torah

In this talk from the 2005 winter ECAMP retreat, Norman provides an overview for a profound reading of the Torah and of our lives. Read more…

Norman Fischer Examining the Unknowable

In this talk from the 2005 winter ECAMP retreat, Norman uncovers the complementary relationship between faith and experience. This 12 minute clip will nourish and ground your curiosity… What is this life?

Norman Fischer Far Beyond What We Can See

The beginning part of a talk given at the 2005 winter Elat Chayyim Advanced Meditation Program retreat, Norman aids the listener in delving deeper into seeing the true meaning and opportunity of life.

Norman Fischer Exodus as Liberation

I want to interpret the story of the [Passover] exodus in the light of our meditation practice—not only what we learn on our cushions, but what we have come to understand through our experience in life about the shape of the spiritual journey.

Passover comes in the Spring of the year, a season that in all cultures suggests new life, new beginnings. So it’s no surprise that Passover is a holiday of renewal, a celebration of life. But Passover is also a holiday of liberation, commemorating the unprecedented and dramatic redemption from slavery of the Israelite nation. Read more…

Norman Fischer Jewish Meditation and Buber

Guided meditation:

Sit with the feeling of being alive; simply being present using body and breath as anchor. This means just to be present with what is, without DOING anything with any of it. Just being in relation to it. Allowing it. Permitting it. Being permissive, being open to it. In a sense we are not experiencing anything at all in meditation, because experience is always grasping. Read more…