Rabbi Joanna Katz

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Rabbi Joanna Katz Sitting Meditation Instruction (2)

Joanna offers instruction on how to settle in the body with wholesome intention, and allow yourself to rest in the space that you are in.  She suggests bringing curiosity to the experience that is occurring in each moment of practice – opening up to who and what we are.

Rabbi Joanna Katz Hindrances and Trust

Joanna begins with a discussion of thoughts, and the five mind states that hinder our ability to see clearly in the world.  She talks about the arising of judgement, and how to bring the light of awareness to that judgement.  She delves deeply into the experiences of these hindrances, how to work with them, and how to develop trust in our awareness.

Rabbi Joanna Katz Presence and Care

Joanna talks about how to recognize when we are present, when we are in the presence of the Divine.  And how presence itself, is the foundation of how we can care for others, and for ourselves.

Rabbi Joanna Katz Accepting the Truth of this World

Joanna talks of needing the quiet of our practice as a path to seeing the truth of our lives.  And that when we open to the truth, loving-kindness arises.

Rabbi Joanna Katz Love and Tshuva

As Elul approaches, Joanna talks about Love and Tshuva.  She notes that the Zohar equates Tsuuva with life itself.  She discusses forgiveness, and how that connects to being effective in our lives.

Rabbi Joanna Katz Avodah

Joanna talks about Avodah as a contemplative practice.  She introduces us to the wisdom regarding avodah that can be found in Pirkei Avot, and relates that wisdom to the work of our lives.

Rabbi Joanna Katz What is Precious

Joanna begins with the preciousness of both the teachings and the teacher. She encourages all of us to be teachers. To become what we are, we have to go through a birth process. To birth ourselves, we have to be open. We have to let go.

Joanna introduces five things we should take to heart: we should not give up; we are not alone – others have walked this path; wee must know where to look, to whom; God is everywhere, even in the anguish; friend ship and hope are what helps us grow.

Rabbi Joanna Katz Our Commitment to Peace and Kindness

Where do I focus my practice, if my commitment is to peace and kindness. One can work with the five hindrances: sensual desire; aversion; sleepiness; restlessness and doubt. This allows us to become very aware and attuned, and to choose wisely in respond to life’s ups and downs. Mindfulness – without judgment – allows us to see clearly and to act skillfully when dealing with the hindrances. We can choose an inner freedom that is accompanied by peace, clarity, openness, joy, ease and wisdom.

Rabbi Joanna Katz There Is No Where To Go

Joanna talks about how important it is to be diligent in our practice, and to be fully engaged in our lives.

Rabbi Joanna Katz The Elul Practice of Turning and Connecting

Elul: the month where we are turning back to a place in us that can connect to something larger; to our own truth; that can connect to the sense that we are part of the Devine Unfolding. That the process of turning and connecting is really this love dance between ourselves and God.