Rabbi Jeff Roth Where Can I Not Find You: Opening the Emotional Channel to Divine

What does it mean to say You to God? Our relationship with God forms though listening without language, developing a loving relationship – not with it, which is the idea of God, but with You, the felt presence of God. This place where we address God as You includes the lover and the beloved, raising the question of dualism – what is the me; what is the other. This is the relational aspect of the divine. This is the place where we are known and loved.

Rabbi Jeff Roth Karma, Suffering and Sacred Intention

Also titled, The Metaphysical Musings of a Megalomaniacal Mixed Up Mystic, in this talk Rabbi Jeff Roth discusses the laws of cause and effect and how they apply to suffering and to happiness.

Rabbi Jeff Roth Motivation and Effort

In this talk Rabbi Jeff Roth discusses the benefits of letting the attention be pulled rather than pushed. Through these teachings awareness and experience opens up. “Just by paying attention there are amazing new things that you’ve never experienced before.”

Rabbi Jeff Roth I Think, Therefore I Am In Tsuris

In this talk Rabbi Jeff Roth explains how what the midrash says about the nature of our suffering and the relationship between thinking, desiring, awareness reveals a path to resolving tremendous suffering.

Rabbi Jeff Roth Obstacles to Awareness of the Divine Presence

In contemporary Jewish meditation the Divine is a reference to the interconnected unity of all being. This talk unfolds this metaphor and points out obstacles that occur in “small mind” that aggrandizes the self and cuts one off from unity, compassion and loving-kindness. A set of practice instructions proposes processes to turn the obstacles into compost for spiritual growth.

Rabbi Jeff Roth Truth

Rabbi Jeff Roth explores Truth; awakened attention to what is happening in the moment.

Rabbi Jeff Roth Effortless Effort

Rabbi Jeff Roth discusses how to relax into both your meditation practice and your daily life, and what gets in the way.

Rabbi Jeff Roth Ignorance: Ways We Miss the Divine

In this Jewish meditation talk given at the Elat Chayyim Advanced Meditation Program, Rabbi Jeff Roth talks about ignorance and the patterns of mind which prevent us from truly meeting the Divine in our lives. Read more…

Rabbi Jeff Roth My Soul Yearns for Love

Every human act is either an expression or a request for love. This line from Yedid Nefesh, which Jeff Roth translates as my soul yearns for your love, please God, heal her is introduced with the kavanah (intention) that we may really feel both the yearning to give and express love as well as the longing to receive love. Read more…

Rabbi Jeff Roth Complete Contemplative Morning Prayer Service

Accompanied by acoustic guitar, introductory kavahnot (intentions) and pauses for meditation, this 47 minute recording provides a full experience of contemplative Jewish chanting. The service, led by Sylvia Boorstein and Rabbi Jeff Roth at the March 2006, Discovering the Divine retreat includes Modeh Ani, Ma Tovu, Elohai Neshama, Kol HaNeshama, Or Chadash and the Shema.

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