Asheville 2012 July

A Five Night Jewish Meditation Retreat


Prama Institute
310 Panhandle Road
Marshall, NC 28753
The retreat center is 20 miles from Asheville NC. Directions to the retreat
center are here:

Arrival Date & Time

Tuesday, July 10th
Please arrive between 4:00 and 6:00 PM to register and settle in before dinner at 6:00 PM. The program formally starts at 7:30 PM

Departure Date & Time

Sunday, July 15th
We will end with lunch at noon.

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The food we will serve will be vegetarian. The cook can meet some of your special needs regarding diet and allergies if we know ahead of time what these are. Please send any food requests to me at

Specific needs regarding food

Deposits and cancellation policy:
A minimum deposit is required to hold your place. The appropriate deposit should be one half of your retreat fee. If you need to make different arrangements for the payment of the deposit and the retreat fee please contact

The refund policy of The Awakened Heart Project (AHP) is as follows: Any deposit or payment made for a retreat presented by AHP is refundable for any reason prior to ten (10) days before the retreat, less an administrative fee of fifty dollars ($50.00).

Within the period of ten (10) days prior to a retreat presented by AHP, any deposit or payment made for that retreat is refundable only for illness or exceptional circumstances, and at our discretion, less an administrative fee of fifty dollars ($50.00).

Important Additional Information:
The retreat center will provide bedding and towels if you are sleeping in a room. The folks at the retreat center suggest that if it’s cold, you might bring an extra blanket. Those of you that are camping or commuting, you will need to bring your own towels, toiletries, etc.

Bring hiking shoes to wander the grounds – very beautiful.

Plan on dressing comfortably and informally. You may want to bring special clothes for Shabbat according to your own Shabbat custom. If you plan on using a tallis or tefillin for prayers, which is optional, please bring your own. The retreat center has minimal cushions for sitting on the floor so if you want to do that please bring your own.

The retreat will be conducted in social silence. That means, that once we explain the practice after dinner on Monday we will observe silence at all times, including during meals, walking, and the time spent in your room. There will be periods each day for asking questions in the large group. Each person will also have private or small group time with the teacher, where you can describe your practice and discuss anything that is arising for you as a result of the retreat experience. The basic practice we teach is to pay attention to what is occurring in the present moment throughout the entire time of the retreat. Towards that end we invite you to leave reading materials, ipods, computers etc. at home.

Retreat Center Information
If you need to talk to someone at the retreat center, or if you want to give someone an emergency number, their number is (828) 649-9408 — they are very nice and very helpful.