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When we connect with the ground of being and also the truth of our experience there is a capacity for joy that is radically different than the happiness we hear about all the time.

— Rabbi Joanna Katz

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The mission of the Awakened Heart Project is to promote Jewish contemplative techniques that develop a heart of wisdom and compassion. We believe that cultivating an awakened heart can lead to an expanded perception of the world and the possibility of bringing our awareness to a meeting of the Divine Presence in every moment.

The Awakened Heart Project aims to refine such contemplative techniques, while also creating opportunities for intensive Jewish meditation practice.


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What is Jewish meditation?

The Awakened Heart Project’s approach to Jewish meditation comes out of a desire to cultivate an awareness of the Divine Presence along with the particular qualities of wisdom, compassion and kindness from a Jewish perspective.

The practices we include under the rubric of Jewish meditation are designed with this direction as our reference point. The wisdom accessible through Jewish meditation supports the understanding that the Divine Presence is the ground of All Being, and the ground of All Being is part of a singular interconnected web of being.

Jewish meditation also provides the wisdom to understand the nature of mind including those factors of mind that tend to obscure clear seeing. The practice teaches us how to direct our attention into the present moment of experience, which is the only place the Divine Presence can be experienced.

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